Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.  Invoices are sent electronically to your email address on file via Paypal services.  You can pay the invoice via your Paypal account or by credit card (no Paypal account needed).


What is website design?


It is the tasks of designing HTML driven web pages to be displayed over the World Wide Web. Website design encompasses a number of important elements including color, layout, and overall graphical appearance. At S4U, we consider your site's audience, function, and traffic to specific sections when deciding designs. 

What isn't website designing?  Website designing is not web hosting, domain name granting, post-publication updating to the website, logo designing, email account granting or maintenance, website content development (e.g., writing descriptions of products & services, leadership bio, vision & mission statements, etc.).  *As such, our website design prices do not include the aforementioned services. However, if you need S4U to develop/write your website's content or update your website post-publication, please refer to our Consulting & Content page.


Additionally, we design websites that will be hosted on or  Both company's charge a nominal fee for web hosting and domain names.  On, you can get free hosting, but the company will display its ads on your site and you cannot use your branded domain name (if you already have one) with a free account.  However, you can buy a domain name from both companies for less than $20/year and use it for your website.  Web hosting at both of these companies is  typically less than $16/year, depending on the package you select.'s hosting package includes several email accounts. customers can buy email accounts through Of course, both and have their pros and cons, but we prefer because you can set up a free account and upgrade as deemed necessary.


It takes approximately 10 to 15 business days (Monday - Friday) for S4U to complete a website.  Once you approve the overall design of your website, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the design price will become due and must be paid before work continues on your website.  The remaining balance will be due once you review and approve the website for publication.

Website Design Prices*

$379 for 1 to 3 pages

$579 for 4 to 6 pages

$879 for 7 to 10 pages

$1,250 for 11 to 15 pages

$2,000 for 16 to 20 pages

$2,500 for 21-25 pages