Dreams remain intangible until the dreamer applies strategies to bring them to life.  We are life and business strategists.  Solutions 4 U, LLC designs winning solutions that bring our clients success in their personal and professional lives. We are family operated and centrally located in Richmond and Fairfax, Virginia with plans to expand to Florida as our real estate holdings increase. We offer a full range of advisory services across the areas of coaching, education, content, and media,  guiding business success for visionaries, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations, and business leaders.


Our highly experienced team is able to work ad hoc or on retainer.  Whether S4U’s relationship with our clients is temporary or ongoing, we quickly establish an in-depth understanding of their business and gain their trust as their business coach and confidante.


Danielle Rittman

Managing Member

As a success coach, Danielle excels in helping her clients become the superheroes of their own success stories about faith, finances, family, and fun. She is also a Certified Public Accountant with more than twenty years of experience creating solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of national and global organizations.


She is a sought-after motivational speaker and transformational educator. She is gifted at making profound connections with others and helping them identify and overcome the circumstances preventing them from achieving their dreams.

Mark Rittman, Jr. (MJ)

Audio-Visual Engineer

MJ is a child prodigy.  By the time he was nine years old, MJ had already published three online books and hosted his own radio show entitled, “The ABCs of Media Literacy”.  Home schooled by his mom, MJ graduated from high school at 13 and from community college at 15.  He is now pursuing a BFA in Game Design and has a 4.0 GPA. 


MJ's passions include designing computer games, creating video animation, drawing anime, and writing. His youthful perspective, communications skills, and creative brilliance are tremendously valued by S4U and our clients.


Our future is bigger than this company.  One day the younger generation will take the reins of the United States’ economy and drive it into one of two directions.  With all the negative press spoken against the U.S. education system’s ability to produce effective leaders, S4U has vowed to partner with local school systems and youth organizations to ensure that we are making an adequate investment in youth and young adults.  In particular, we are committed to training and mentoring youth within our company’s rank, offering financial resources to young entrepreneurs,  and hosting seminars and business case competitions to allow the younger generation to showcase their talents.